Kentucky Bluegrass

We want everyone to have access to the best bluegrass varieties on the plant, not just the professionals. We select the best varieties and offer them as single varieties or in blends.

Everest Kentucky Bluegrass My Holiday Lawn Kentucky Bluegrass Over_Seeder Bluegrass Blend
Everest Kentucky BluegrassMy Holiday Lawn Kentucky BluegrassOver_Seeder Bluegrass Blend

Everest Kentucky Bluegrass offers superior heat and drought tolerance with less disease pressure. Perfect as a monoculture or as a component in mix or blend, Everest will be a solid performer for years to come! Seeding Rates: 4 Pounds Per 1,000...

After nearly a decade of research, My Holiday Lawn Kentucky Bluegrass is a newly developed bluegrass that grows low and slow. No more mowing every week or even every other week Kick up your heels while your neighbors mow the day away.

Over_Seeder Bluegrass Blend is a blend of three improved Kentucky Bluegrass varieties formulated to upgrade older bluegrass lawns.




Sod Grower II Kentucky Bluegrass Blend Sure Shot Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
Sod Grower II Kentucky Bluegrass BlendSure Shot Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

Sod Grower II is your answer to upgrading older bluegrass lawns. Perfect for areas that may not receive supplemental irrigation.

Sure Shot set the standard for elite "low mow" Kentucky Bluegrasses. 



Seeding Info

Seeding Rates: New Seeding - 4-5 LBS per 1,000 Sq Ft

Overseeding - 2-3 LBS per 1,000 Sq Ft

Seeding Dates: March - June       August to October

Expect germination in 10-21 Days after seeding

Kentucky Bluegrasses.......

  • Are shallow rooted, meaing more frequent watering and fertilization may be needed.
  • Are cool season turfgrasses.
  • Have a dark green color (newer varieties) and finer texture compared to turf type tall fescues.
  • Have shallow under-ground roots (rhizomes) that generate new plants that make the plant more wear tolerant and self-repairing.
  • Cold tolerant.
  • Go dormant when stressed by summer heat and drought.


Seeding Tips

Establishing Lawns from Seed

Fall Seeding and Turf Improvements

Lawn Fertilization


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