Pale Purple Coneflower [Echinacea pallida]
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Pale Purple Coneflower blooms in mid-July to mid-August with long reflexed lavender petals.

Seeding Rate: 3 Ounces Per 1,000 Sq Ft

Mature Height: 24-48"

Flower Color: Lavender

Bloom Period: Summer

Cultural Preferences: Perennial_Partial Shade to Full Sun_Dry, well drained soils

Seeds Per Pound: 105,000


*PLS stands for Pure Live Seed. PLS is  calculated by multiplying purity x germination percentages. This basically factors out the non-viable seed, chaff and dirt with in the seed. 5 PLS pounds may end up being 6.5 bulk pounds of seed. So you are buying viable seed, not junk.

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Pale Purple Coneflower [Echinacea pallida]

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