Firecracker LS

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LATERAL SPREAD TECHNOLOGY™ (LS) Firecracker LS tall fescue is an initial release from Mountain View Seeds Lateral Spread Technology™ (LS) research program, striving to develop fescues that, through natural mechanisms including increased tillering or rhizome formation, exhibit greater potential for tighter density, particularly under stress, and self recuperation from traffic, wear, or injury.

Firecracker LS has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall quality under medium fertility, traffic, and hot humid environments. It is among the finest in texture, with uniform densitiy, particularly during the summer stress period.

Firecracker LS produces a deep root system and aggressively tillers to improve wear tolerance and hasten recuperation from injury. Sod strength is excellent as is a high stand coverage that crowds out weeds. Firecracker LS contains moderately high levels of endophyte for improved resistance to surface feeding insects. Geographically, Firecracker LS has scored in the top grouping for overall quality across a broad swath of regions from north central thru the transition zone and across to the southeast and the southwest. Select with confidence.

Energize your variety selection with Firecracker LS. You’ll get a bang out of it!!

Firecracker LS.....

  • Has very dark genetic color
  • Displays excellent spring green-up
  • Resists brown patch
  • Is part of the orginal LSTM breeding program
  • Was a top 15 performer in the 2006 National Turf Trials for overall quality under medium maintenance practices
  • Has improved salt tolerance when germinating




Seeding Rates: 10 Pounds Per 1,000 Ft2 (New Seeding)             5 Pounds Per 1,000 Sq Ft2 (Overseeding)

5 Pounds=500 Sq Ft, 10 Pounds=1,000 Sq Ft,  25 Pounds=2,500 Sq Ft,  50 Pounds=5,000 Sq Ft   

Seeding Dates: April-May, August-October

Seeding Depth: 1/4 Inch 

Germination Times: 7-10 Days at 55° 4" soil temp, 4-7 Days (Per. Rye), 10-21 Days (Bluegrass) 

Packaged: 5, 10, 25 & 50 Pounds

Firecracker LS
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